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558 fixed zoom/mirror crowline 2196d 20h 37m /
557 update zoom feature, add button crowline 2197d 16h 54m /
556 text fixes and basic zoom testing crowline 2200d 14h 48m /
555 moved text strings to resource file crowline 2204d 14h 53m /
554 added "Clear Swatch" to swatch menu crowline 2204d 19h 15m /
553 some code cleanup/documentation crowline 2212d 21h 28m /
552 improved stylus/eraser color switching, and transparency lock crowline 2215d 18h 44m /
551 code cleanup, stylus/eraser color switching crowline 2215d 19h 39m /
550 fix swatch min/max window size bug crowline 2219d 12h 33m /
549 fixed flipping toolbar in detached palette mode crowline 2219d 19h 58m /
548 Modulate Swatch, Improved Colourlovers Import crowline 2224d 15h 01m /
547 Export Dialog and File Checking crowline 2250d 18h 18m /
546 improved dynamic color picker crowline 2252d 19h 58m /
545 Quick-Keys and Dynamic Color Selector crowline 2253d 18h 05m /
544 Adobe Swatch Exchange .ase import/export crowline 2261d 18h 57m /
543 swatch import/export and alpha lock crowline 2265d 19h 03m /
542 swatch menu,set background,undo options, and support crowline 2268d 23h 59m /
541 swatchbar, options window(undo) - updated crowline 2270d 18h 41m /
540 swatch colors drawn in a single component, take 2 crowline 2278d 19h 12m /
539 swatch colors drawn in a single component crowline 2278d 19h 16m /

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