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Rev Log message Author Age Path
525 EvolvedShapes Update karl 2805d 06h 56m /Alchemy/build.xml
524 Evolve Shapes added karl 2809d 03h 47m /Alchemy/build.xml
521 JPen for Tiger build changes and lib add karl 2841d 16h 26m /Alchemy/build.xml
519 Mac Build Change
ColorSwitcher bug fix
karl 2841d 17h 02m /Alchemy/build.xml
518 Mac Java version switcher to 1.5+ karl 2842d 11h 05m /Alchemy/build.xml
506 Locale updates
Readme Update
ResourceBundleChecker added to manage missing language keys
karl 2847d 08h 29m /Alchemy/build.xml
504 Color Switcher uneven coloring bug fix karl 2848d 04h 01m /Alchemy/build.xml
495 API Colour changed to 'Color' karl 2848d 14h 00m /Alchemy/build.xml
481 JPen Update karl 2848d 16h 13m /Alchemy/build.xml
479 Transparent Fullscreen bug fix karl 2849d 02h 22m /Alchemy/build.xml
478 Module updates karl 2852d 02h 07m /Alchemy/build.xml
468 Library Updates
Export to a certain size added
Mig Layout added for my sanity
karl 2855d 10h 35m /Alchemy/build.xml
466 Batik library cull
JPen updated
Smooth changes
Limit module added
PitchShapes changes
karl 2912d 13h 39m /Alchemy/build.xml
465 Svg support added - Thanks Steren!
Sample Pitch Module added
karl 2919d 17h 32m /Alchemy/build.xml
459 Smooth Affect Module Added karl 3067d 17h 49m /Alchemy/build.xml
456 Ribbon Shapes
Farsi localisation
karl 3073d 06h 29m /Alchemy/build.xml
455 Build Update - no Splatter karl 3089d 17h 27m /Alchemy/build.xml
449 Build Update karl 3100d 21h 52m /Alchemy/build.xml
440 Build Update karl 3117d 15h 38m /Alchemy/build.xml
439 Build Update karl 3117d 15h 45m /Alchemy/build.xml

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