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Rev Log message Author Age Path
528 Jpen Lib update karl 2857d 14h 26m /Alchemy/lib/
525 EvolvedShapes Update karl 2859d 17h 06m /Alchemy/lib/
521 JPen for Tiger build changes and lib add karl 2896d 02h 36m /Alchemy/lib/
482 JPen Old Lib delete karl 2903d 02h 05m /Alchemy/lib/
481 JPen Update karl 2903d 02h 23m /Alchemy/lib/
477 JPen Library update karl 2906d 12h 22m /Alchemy/lib/
468 Library Updates
Export to a certain size added
Mig Layout added for my sanity
karl 2909d 20h 44m /Alchemy/lib/
467 Beads Library added karl 2966d 23h 47m /Alchemy/lib/
466 Batik library cull
JPen updated
Smooth changes
Limit module added
PitchShapes changes
karl 2966d 23h 49m /Alchemy/lib/
465 Svg support added - Thanks Steren!
Sample Pitch Module added
karl 2974d 03h 42m /Alchemy/lib/
462 added Batik lib steren 2975d 00h 23m /Alchemy/lib/
446 JPen Library update for Win64 bit systems karl 3155d 08h 16m /Alchemy/lib/
442 Gradient PDF fixes karl 3158d 04h 40m /Alchemy/lib/
427 iText gradient bug fix
Gradient module working
AlcShape Spine implemented
Pullshaps size slider added
Mirror working with spine
karl 3175d 07h 04m /Alchemy/lib/
417 Jpen Update karl 3189d 10h 56m /Alchemy/lib/
415 Jpen Update karl 3189d 11h 11m /Alchemy/lib/
391 AlcConstants naming changes
Build changes to automatically create a dmg/gz/zip
32/64bit libAlcNative update
TraceShapes module changes
karl 3261d 03h 33m /Alchemy/lib/
365 Jpen working on windows karl 3297d 11h 43m /Alchemy/lib/
350 JMyron Deleted karl 3319d 12h 55m /Alchemy/lib/
345 Ant contrib duplicate deleted karl 3320d 16h 22m /Alchemy/lib/

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