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527 EvolvedShapes xml karl 2859d 17h 02m /Alchemy/modules/
526 EvolvedShapes Icons karl 2859d 17h 06m /Alchemy/modules/
524 Evolve Shapes added karl 2863d 13h 58m /Alchemy/modules/
521 JPen for Tiger build changes and lib add karl 2896d 02h 37m /Alchemy/modules/
520 ColorSwitcher version bump karl 2896d 03h 11m /Alchemy/modules/
517 ColorSwitcher bug fix karl 2896d 21h 32m /Alchemy/modules/
510 Readme update for next release
About image update
Locale updates
karl 2898d 12h 03m /Alchemy/modules/
508 API Changes
Module version number updates
karl 2900d 13h 45m /Alchemy/modules/
502 Outline icon add to Shapes Module karl 2902d 14h 40m /Alchemy/modules/
494 karl 2903d 00h 11m /Alchemy/modules/
493 karl 2903d 00h 11m /Alchemy/modules/
492 API Colour changed to 'Color' karl 2903d 00h 11m /Alchemy/modules/
491 API Colour changed to 'Color' karl 2903d 00h 13m /Alchemy/modules/
490 karl 2903d 00h 17m /Alchemy/modules/
489 karl 2903d 00h 17m /Alchemy/modules/
488 karl 2903d 00h 19m /Alchemy/modules/
487 karl 2903d 00h 19m /Alchemy/modules/
486 karl 2903d 00h 19m /Alchemy/modules/
485 karl 2903d 00h 20m /Alchemy/modules/
484 karl 2903d 00h 21m /Alchemy/modules/

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