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Rev Log message Author Age Path
572 fixed colourlovers swatch retrieval crowline 1210d 10h 53m /Alchemy/nbproject/
569 Language Selection and Updated Color Picker crowline 1798d 17h 03m /Alchemy/nbproject/
564 fix color switcher transparency switching crowline 2048d 22h 50m /Alchemy/nbproject/
536 Undo and basic swatch toolbar (tied to o key) crowline 2248d 23h 07m /Alchemy/nbproject/
524 Evolve Shapes added karl 2809d 03h 46m /Alchemy/nbproject/
523 Russian Locale
Flip bug fix
Memory allocations
karl 2839d 02h 45m /Alchemy/nbproject/
509 Copyright update
French Locale update
karl 2845d 04h 24m /Alchemy/nbproject/
468 Library Updates
Export to a certain size added
Mig Layout added for my sanity
karl 2855d 10h 34m /Alchemy/nbproject/
466 Batik library cull
JPen updated
Smooth changes
Limit module added
PitchShapes changes
karl 2912d 13h 38m /Alchemy/nbproject/
465 Svg support added - Thanks Steren!
Sample Pitch Module added
karl 2919d 17h 31m /Alchemy/nbproject/
464 Netbeans project properties update for Batik libs steren 2920d 13h 47m /Alchemy/nbproject/
461 Resource Bundle Changes karl 2921d 07h 32m /Alchemy/nbproject/
405 Colour Button redesign / Pressure Shapes module karl 3141d 19h 06m /Alchemy/nbproject/
396 AlcSpinnerCustom added karl 3148d 21h 12m /Alchemy/nbproject/
391 AlcConstants naming changes
Build changes to automatically create a dmg/gz/zip
32/64bit libAlcNative update
TraceShapes module changes
karl 3206d 17h 23m /Alchemy/nbproject/
369 Prefs Windows fixes karl 3239d 21h 39m /Alchemy/nbproject/
367 Preferences tabs implemented karl 3240d 00h 18m /Alchemy/nbproject/
352 Project properties update karl 3264d 21h 28m /Alchemy/nbproject/
350 JMyron Deleted karl 3265d 02h 45m /Alchemy/nbproject/
340 JPen Added... but not working karl 3269d 04h 05m /Alchemy/nbproject/

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