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574 fixed 'initial shape skip' undo bug crowline 1209d 13h 38m /Alchemy/src/
573 fixed toolbar layout crowline 1210d 05h 31m /Alchemy/src/
572 fixed colourlovers swatch retrieval crowline 1210d 10h 55m /Alchemy/src/
571 background image zooming crowline 1793d 18h 09m /Alchemy/src/
570 some locale and string fixes crowline 1797d 21h 23m /Alchemy/src/
569 Language Selection and Updated Color Picker crowline 1798d 17h 06m /Alchemy/src/
568 minor AlcColorIO fix for mac platform crowline 1854d 01h 14m /Alchemy/src/
567 x key 'erase' reimplemented crowline 1914d 00h 44m /Alchemy/src/
566 a text tweak crowline 2005d 20h 08m /Alchemy/src/
565 various fixes - colourlovers threading, undo crowline 2005d 23h 30m /Alchemy/src/
564 fix color switcher transparency switching crowline 2048d 22h 52m /Alchemy/src/
563 improved zoomed icon, cross platform dialog updates crowline 2110d 20h 56m /Alchemy/src/
562 zoom cursor, swatch export dialog update, null file import fix crowline 2114d 22h 15m /Alchemy/src/
561 fixed bug:transparency not retained upon adding color to swatch crowline 2123d 21h 16m /Alchemy/src/
560 moved some more strings into language file crowline 2161d 21h 46m /Alchemy/src/
559 zoom quickey over toolbar bugfix crowline 2162d 00h 11m /Alchemy/src/
558 fixed zoom/mirror crowline 2162d 23h 55m /Alchemy/src/
557 update zoom feature, add button crowline 2163d 20h 11m /Alchemy/src/
556 text fixes and basic zoom testing crowline 2166d 18h 06m /Alchemy/src/
555 moved text strings to resource file crowline 2170d 18h 10m /Alchemy/src/

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