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Rev Log message Author Age Path
574 fixed 'initial shape skip' undo bug crowline 1299d 10h 41m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
525 EvolvedShapes Update karl 2895d 04h 00m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
524 Evolve Shapes added karl 2899d 00h 51m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
511 Final 008 manual update
RibbonShapes bug fix
karl 2933d 09h 27m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
509 Copyright update
French Locale update
karl 2935d 01h 29m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
508 API Changes
Module version number updates
karl 2936d 00h 39m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
500 Shapes Outline mode karl 2938d 05h 07m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
498 toURL deprectated code fix karl 2938d 07h 54m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
496 API Colour changed to 'Color' karl 2938d 10h 23m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
476 Spinner Refresh bug fix
ColourSelector positioning bug fix
karl 2941d 23h 18m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
474 SplatterShapes fine tuning karl 2944d 01h 05m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
471 Limit debugged
Ribbon shapes tweaked
karl 2944d 02h 17m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
469 Smooth Icon added
Limit toolbar added
karl 2945d 04h 30m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
466 Batik library cull
JPen updated
Smooth changes
Limit module added
PitchShapes changes
karl 3002d 10h 43m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
465 Svg support added - Thanks Steren!
Sample Pitch Module added
karl 3009d 14h 36m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
457 Ribbon Shapes Interface
AlcSlider Min value bug fix
karl 3161d 21h 06m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
456 Ribbon Shapes
Farsi localisation
karl 3163d 03h 33m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
452 SplatterShapes added karl 3182d 15h 00m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
427 iText gradient bug fix
Gradient module working
AlcShape Spine implemented
Pullshaps size slider added
Mirror working with spine
karl 3210d 17h 58m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
426 Gradient bug fixes karl 3212d 13h 01m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/

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