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Rev Log message Author Age Path
509 Copyright update
French Locale update
karl 2935d 01h 31m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
508 API Changes
Module version number updates
karl 2936d 00h 41m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
427 iText gradient bug fix
Gradient module working
AlcShape Spine implemented
Pullshaps size slider added
Mirror working with spine
karl 3210d 18h 00m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
426 Gradient bug fixes karl 3212d 13h 03m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
424 Number Dialog Classes
AlcSpinner limits setable on MODIFIER Click
Gradient Affect module
karl 3213d 13h 44m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
414 SubSpinner - PressureShapes/MicShapes fixes karl 3224d 22h 45m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
410 MicShapes Floating karl 3227d 14h 45m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
406 Pressure Shapes working / AlcShape turned into Float! karl 3229d 14h 12m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
405 Colour Button redesign / Pressure Shapes module karl 3231d 16h 13m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
348 Blank module added karl 3356d 02h 59m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/