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509 Copyright update
French Locale update
karl 2935d 01h 31m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
508 API Changes
Module version number updates
karl 2936d 00h 40m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
498 toURL deprectated code fix karl 2938d 07h 55m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
496 API Colour changed to 'Color' karl 2938d 10h 25m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
422 French + German Locales
Trace Shapes image scaling change
Load Background image
Colour Switcher interface tweak
karl 3215d 22h 25m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
396 AlcSpinnerCustom added karl 3238d 18h 18m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
391 AlcConstants naming changes
Build changes to automatically create a dmg/gz/zip
32/64bit libAlcNative update
TraceShapes module changes
karl 3296d 14h 29m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
354 Colour Selector / Picker fixes karl 3337d 00h 37m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
282 AbstractToolBar added karl 3522d 01h 24m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
268 Affect Module shortcuts / Camera Colour error handling karl 3550d 14h 31m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
263 Camera Colour fixes / JMyron Dlls added karl 3552d 14h 05m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
259 AlcCamera class / Camera Colour module karl 3553d 20h 11m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
253 Custom SubSlider Implemented karl 3556d 03h 07m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
246 Codebase now Java 5 karl 3564d 14h 29m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
240 Trace shapes bug loading a pic after being de-activated karl 3591d 14h 02m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
235 Displace module / Mirror bug fixes karl 3592d 21h 14m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
228 Shortcut / Colour Picker changes karl 3595d 14h 47m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
227 Export PNG / Shortcut Preferences edit karl 3596d 16h 46m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
212 Major Structural changes:
Core package added with all UI classes combined
Static variables used to reference the core classes from Alchemy
karl 3598d 23h 43m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/create/
183 Quaqua implemented in full on Mac karl 3619d 23h 33m /

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