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573 fixed toolbar layout crowline 1300d 02h 35m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/data/
569 Language Selection and Updated Color Picker crowline 1888d 14h 09m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/data/
563 improved zoomed icon, cross platform dialog updates crowline 2200d 18h 00m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/data/
562 zoom cursor, swatch export dialog update, null file import fix crowline 2204d 19h 18m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/data/
560 moved some more strings into language file crowline 2251d 18h 49m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/data/
559 zoom quickey over toolbar bugfix crowline 2251d 21h 15m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/data/
557 update zoom feature, add button crowline 2253d 17h 15m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/data/
545 Quick-Keys and Dynamic Color Selector crowline 2309d 18h 27m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/data/
543 swatch import/export and alpha lock crowline 2321d 19h 24m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/data/
541 swatchbar, options window(undo) - updated crowline 2326d 19h 02m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/data/
538 update icons, clean up, comments crowline 2338d 07h 27m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/data/
537 added missing icons crowline 2338d 19h 51m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/data/
515 Simple Color picker renamed karl 2932d 14h 28m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/data/
514 Simple Color picker renamed karl 2932d 14h 29m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/data/
510 Readme update for next release
About image update
Locale updates
karl 2933d 22h 57m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/data/
496 API Colour changed to 'Color' karl 2938d 10h 24m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/data/
441 About screen update karl 3207d 12h 41m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/data/
436 Titlebar icon update karl 3207d 13h 23m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/data/
429 Clear Button karl 3210d 04h 09m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/data/
422 French + German Locales
Trace Shapes image scaling change
Load Background image
Colour Switcher interface tweak
karl 3215d 22h 24m /Alchemy/src/org/alchemy/data/

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